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It’s been a long week..

Trying to move out by the first of October, our landlord is trying to give us an incentive to move out early, an extra grand along with our security deposits. So far half way done.

Found out Thomas was killed by coyote’s earlier in the week, I’m still devasted and can barely look or move something of his without breaking down and wanting my little snuggle bunny to come back home.

Nerve pain has been flaring again, and there’s not much to do about it except wait it out.

And to top it off, I had an interview Wednesday and the company flaked out on me, never returned any calls, messages, or emails after explicitly clarifying they wanted an interview early Wednesday morning.

I don’t know what I want at the moment, or what will be happening in the coming months, though I do know good things will be coming soon.


Nothing beats setting a person straight and teaching them valuable life lessons whilst sitting on a toilet.

It’s been a ugh type of morning.

It’s been a ugh type of morning.


Ginger News Update

Been having trouble sleeping these past few weeks. The heat of the day turns my little studio into a giant hot rock at night. My neck hurts and my nerves have been flaring. And doesn’t help not knowing what has become of Thomas.

On the bright side the property I live on has sold, and my landlord has offered a $1000 incentive to move out by the 1st of October, on top of the security deposit. Moving onto bigger, better places.

I just hope Thomas comes back before that happens.

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